mon intro

January 26, 2018

The thought of having a home in this wide network got me going! and it took various shapes before settling down in the form of this blog.

I'm a developer, with a passion to build creative digital experiences that have a lasting impact. Over the past 8 years, I have been actively involved in developing software systems and had a first hand account of seeing how monolithic designs can literally kill productivity over time. Software design has to be orthogonal. Period. Building loosely coupled components that interact with neatly defined contracts, can prolong the shelf life and keep devs and users happy.

I am an AWS certified Solutions Architect, and needless to say, I am obsessed with building cloud native applications. As devs, infrastructre should never cross our minds. Everything should be software defined and automated, so we actually focus on building quality features.

As my keystrokes form words that begin to traverse the multitude of routers and gateways, through the sub-sea cables, in some socket waiting to receive byte streams and a disk storing my content in some remote server, I hope to shed some light in this fascinating journey of software development.

As a side note, this blog is Gatsby generated - awesome stuff by the way! - and is served from AWS S3 & CloudFront. The code is hosted on AWS CodeCommit and content is produced in ContentFul - what an age! - with webhooks and build triggers to automate everything. All I need to do, is write a post in ContentFul and voila! The plates beneath shift - and techtonic is alive with new musings!